Customizing Your Hunter Douglas Parkland Classic

It may go without saying on our side of Mainline, PA, but Hunter Douglas is a king of wood blinds. When our customers go looking for something lovely to hang in their windows, it’s often a Parkland Classic. Of all their premium wood blinds, Parkland Classics remain some of our favorites—glowing with the white of their basswood base. Besides being blinds of an exceptional quality, Parkland Classics also allow for dazzlingly amounts of personalization.

The Benefits of a Classic

The aesthetics of Hunter Douglas window blinds rarely disappoint. Being beautiful, as well as responsibly sourced, the Parkland Classics appease your eyes and your eco-friendly side. Well-crafted wood cornices give you the ideal window treatment, telling all your neighbors in Montgomery County, PA that you know how to choose your blinds. Like most of Hunter Douglas’s line of blinds, the Parkland Classics can be controlled by a motorized system, allowing you to open and close them from the comfort of your bed. Are you worried about cleaning and maintaining your blinds? You can ease your mind, for Hunter Douglas pre-treats their Parkland Classics so that they repel particles of dust, soil, and stains.

Controlling the Solar Disc

Perhaps a Parkland Classic can’t control the sun itself (though we wish it would on cloudier days), but the blinds will mitigate how much heat enters and exits your rooms. All of Hunter Douglas’ blinds are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible—cooling you during the summer, and warming you up on the coldest winter mornings. We also can’t forget to mention that these wood blinds protect you from the nastiest bits of the sun’s rays. All of their blinds filter out 75% of Ultraviolet radiation.

All the Shapes and Sizes

You couldn’t summarize all the shapes and sizes that Parkland Classics even if you spent a whole afternoon with us at The Blind Gallery. Starting with the arches, you’re able to select a Parkland Classic featuring stationary, semicircle, quarter circle, eyebrow, and even gothic designs. Regardless of where you foresee your Parkland Classics, they can be fit to the space exactly how you want them. Sliding glass doors, cut-outs, bay and corner windows—they handle it all, and we’ve overseen their installations, too!

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