Being Conscious of Your Blinds and Your Heating During the Winter

Much as it may not surprise you, the Blind Gallery thinks quite a bit about blinds during the winter. In fact, all that thinking about window treatments may be what’s keeping us heated here near Paoli, PA. When you’re living through a tundra of an early winter, you should take advantage of all and any means of insulating and heating your home.

Selecting the Winter’s Best

When we choose a window treatment, our thoughts go to the room it’ll be ornamenting, as well as the temperature outside (now, and six months from now). When you consult us, we give you the family treatment—trying our best not to be your crazy uncles.

We tell it to you straight, as to what’s hot, and what’s freezing cold to the touch. You should be balancing aesthetics, and energy saving, when you’re picking a plantation shutter for the kitchen, living room or bathroom of your West Chapter, PA home.

Judging the Insulation of Blinds 

Homes in the Northeast can appreciate a beautiful pair of vertical or horizontal windows any month of the year. While blinds can insulate against heat loss, they are far more efficient at cooling down a room than retaining the heat in it. Compared to shades, blinds can do more to control light and ventilation, blocking out and diffusing sunlight. Though winter in PA and NJ can be a dark and frozen wonderland, the sun still shines and blinds us through all of it.

Obtaining an Insulated Winter Panel 

If you’re feeling rather conscious of your home and the possibility of heat loss through the windows of your rooms, you may want to invest in insulated panels for the lot of them. An insulating panel tends to be a rigid board of foam that you squeeze into the interior of your window. By design, an insulated panel will tightly seal itself against the edge of the window in question. To ensure no heat escapes through the cracks, go crazy on that insulated panel with some Velcro or magnetic tape.

Thoughts of Hibernation and Showrooms

Should you feel your mind fuzzing with all the possibilities of winter window treatments, do give us a visit at 105 Waynewood Ave. in Wayne, PA. When you arrive to tour, you’ll be our guest of honor—at least until lunch!

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