Solar Screen Shades in Delaware County

Shades are meant to provide a barrier between your home and the outdoors when windows just aren’t enough. While windows obviously keep your home and the outside world separate, they only provide a thin layer of protection. By adding shades to your windows, you can offer another layer of protection, privacy, and, perhaps most importantly, energy efficiency.

Shades are certainly beautiful and allow for your family to have privacy, but their main purpose is to keep unwanted light and heat from getting into your home. Windows alone are just thin layers of glass that allow an excessive amount of sun and UV rays to come through.

When the sun is out, especially in the hotter months, the sunlight that passes through your window can become absorbed by your furniture and ultimately make your home hotter. In fact, sun exposure can make your home up to 30 degrees hotter than the temperature outside.

While many shades assist in blocking some sunlight, they may not adequately absorb all of it, or they may not be designed with the purpose of keeping unwanted heat out of your home.

Energy Efficiency

For a shade that is energy efficient, will lower your energy bills, and will leave you and your family more comfortable, consider solar screen shades. With solar screen shades, you will no longer have to crank up the air conditioning in the summer. These shades can make your home substantially cooler and lower the cost of your energy bills.

Solar screen shades are made of specially-woven fabrics that allow you to see the outside clearly through your windows while reducing the glare and filtering out up to 97% of unwanted UV rays. While ordinary windows allow a lot of solar energy to pass through, solar screen shades block this out and even out energy levels in your home.

Design Options

Not only are solar screen shades energy efficient, but they are beautiful as well. These protective shades have a very modern look and are available in many styles, designs, and colors to fit the look of your home. These shades have clean and simple lines that offer an elegant appearance.

They also operate very smoothly. These shades are available with many lift system options, as well as design options, to promise convenience for you and your family members.

Solar Screen Shade Experts in Delaware County

If you and your family have been struggling with too much light coming into your home, higher energy bills, and uncomfortable heat, solar screen shades are the best fit for you. These modern shades are extremely versatile and customizable, so you will not have to sacrifice visual appeal for efficiency. You’ll quickly see results in your energy bills, and you’ll be able to feel the difference almost immediately when you choose to have our solar screen shades installed.

We are proud distributors of solar screen shades in Delaware County and beyond. We carry a wide variety of these shades and will help you decide which one is the best fit for your home. We will come to your home for a free estimation and will size your window to make sure that your new shades fit perfectly. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee assures that your solar screen shades will be installed perfectly for maximum efficiency.

For a superior selection of solar screen shades and installation and design services in Delaware County, trust our professionals to transform your home. We are committed to making our customers as satisfied and comfortable as possible with our design and style options for solar screen shades and more.