The ABCs of Window Treatments

Wherever you live, be it in a sleepy small town or a blaring city, you need a slice of space that you call home. We totally get it—hence why we’re so keen on everything pertaining to window treatments. Whether we’re in Philadelphia or Bucks County, PA, our eyes cannot resist darting towards the nearest windows. Beyond our own quirks, it’s about more than aesthetics—it’s about ambiance, atmosphere, mood, and lighting, like a movie set! So, in a theatrical way, we thought we’d (briefly) review the world of window treatments with you.

Now, when you hear “window treatments”, think either blinds or shades. Shutters may be as dear to us and most of Bucks County, PA, but we have to define some terminology for a moment.

  1. Blinds, rather than blinding, are rather hard as far as window treatments go. With a magical tilt, their movable slats can be opened or closed.
  2. Shades, although certainly shady, are as light and cool as it gets. When you want to adjust them, they’re raised or lowered by a cord or spring.

The best part about the pair—they’re highly customizable and easily adaptable to any one style or design you may have in mind (or in your home).
Shutters, Our Hearts Aflutter If you wanted your windows to make an architectural statement, shutters would do exactly that for you. In fact, shutters are so prestigious that they add value to any homes including them. With a cordless, durable, and sophisticated shutter, you control sunlight, space, and time itself.

Wooden Blinds Our minds go to smoky dens, libraries brimming with books, when we pick up the scent of wood blinds. One of the loveliest aspects of wood blinds—the pine, bamboo, or ebony that finishes them. A classic treatment, they complement nearly any room, ranging in their sizes too.

Roman Shades If you ask mythologists, they’ll get into ghosts of Ireland, and Roman shutter merchants of old. We mean, of course, those shades that come in any fabric, integrating seamlessly with the windows in your home. Modern Romans are that mix of functionality, consistency, and beauty that you seek in a shade.

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