Motorized Blinds

Motorized Shades

Imagine having the convenience of shades that protect your home from light and heat that practically control themselves. Right when too much light peeks into your home, you’d be able to simply click a button, and your shades would close for you without you having to move more than a finger muscle. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not anymore. With motorized shades, this convenient tool has become a reality.

Motorized shades have all the functionality of any other shades. They increase energy efficiency, block out unwanted outdoor light and heat, and they add a beautiful design element to your home. But, unlike regular shades, motorized shades can be opened and closed by just flipping a switch or touching a button.

The finest aspect of motorized shades is that they combine the best of both worlds: tasteful design with an ultra-convenient ease of use. When we install them in your Philadelphia area home, you’ll feel superb when you can control their draw with the simple push of a button. Sometimes, it’s life’s simple pleasures that make all the difference.

You won’t have to get up to manually close these shades. They provide ease and comfort and allow you to enjoy them effortlessly. These shades are perfect for families with kids or older individuals who will greatly benefit from not having to walk over to the window to manually raise or lower them.

Motorized Shades in Delaware County

We carry a selection of motorized shades in our showroom in Delaware County that will perfectly fit the windows in your home. We distribute shades from the trusted provider Hunter Douglas. They create revolutionary shades that exceed expectations in beauty and efficiency.

And if just having top of the line Hunter Douglas shades wasn’t enough to transform your home from good to great, the ability to further enhance your experience with all the bells and whistles that come along with motorized shades these days will certainly be unmatched.

Best of all, Hunter Douglas keeps themselves relevant by offering the latest in technology to aid their motorized shades. Like with any other product, you can control them via a switch (much like your light switch) accessed on a nearby wall, or through a remote control. Sure, those options are convenient and useful, but what if there was an app for controlling them, too?

Well, with Hunter Douglas, there is! If you own a tablet, you can use their app from anywhere in the world to control your shades. OK, maybe it won’t be necessary to open them from atop the Eiffel Tower on your Paris vacation, but say you just cozied up in your bed only to remember that you forgot to shut the shades. Just push a button on your iPad, and you’ll be good to go—without even getting up!

Our motorized shades allow you to have all of the great features of shades with even more accessibility and comfort. Your family will certainly thank you for providing them with privacy, comfort, style, and an easy-to-use automatic new set of shades.

We also have an unbeatable selection of roller shades for windows on the Main Line, PA and nearby areas available! Get in touch today to learn more about the motorized shutters we have to offer. They’ll be perfect in your Philadelphia area home!


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