Appreciating the Aesthetic Appeal of Custom Drapery

Because we’ve been in the business for a few decades now, we’ll safely say that no two homes or customers can ever be exactly the same (aside from doppelgangers). It’s for this reason that we hesitate to pigeon-hole anyone who enters the Blind Gallery until we’ve listened to them and even seen a glimpse or two of their living spaces. Assuming you know what works for one home or customer, you can’t necessarily apply the same fabrics or aesthetic styles to the next one.

Thankfully for you homeowners in Paoli, PA, and the nearby areas, our window treatments don’t restrict you—especially when it comes to custom draperies.

The Raison d’Être

You don’t have to be a window treatment expert to appreciate the potential of custom drapery in a living space. When it’s executed with some patience and class, custom drapery can be the difference between a boring room, and the crowning den of your home, condo, or apartment. Ideally, you want your rooms and your drapery to showcase your personality, your taste—maybe even your sense of humor.

Our Advice: Stick with Us


Unless you’re the artistic sort yourself, eager to redesign every interior you enter, you may want to leave this one in our hands. Being window treatment aficionados, we here at the Blind Gallery assist Bucks County, PA, and the larger Philadelphia area with professional and custom drapery. Besides being fun to talk with, we’re as sharp and as accurate as the most celebrated of interior decorators out there—and we have connections with the finest interior designers in our industry.

Plentiful Varieties and Options


Now, when we tell that you have options when it comes to your custom drapery, this is, in fact, an understatement. Customization gives you a wealth of colors, textures, shades, and everything in between.

Leaning towards a heavier fabric to block out the morning sunlight? We can do that in a second. As a general rule, we’ll probably recommend drapery linings, so as to preserve and protect your custom draperies. Anyone peering in from the outside will appreciate your lining almost as much as you.

Don’t fret over all the possibilities. Give us a call or a visit, and we’ll spend a hearty hour or two (actually, as long as you want) to choose the custom drapery that lovingly, and silently screams “you!”

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