Insulating Your Beehive of a Home with Honeycombs

Judging by the hurricanes, earthquakes, and solar flares, you could say that Mother Nature isn’t in the best of moods this season. While the Blind Gallery isn’t qualified to tell you why exactly this is happening, we can tell you one thing—it’s going to be a cold one this autumn and winter. Before it gets too cold that you’re a four-limbed ice sculpture, the bees buzzing in our heads want to tell you a thing or two about honeycombs.

Pooh Bear Luxury

Don’t get the wrong idea—we’re not converting our showrooms into apiaries. But we are in fact gushing to tell you all about Duette Architella honeycomb shades. In case you need the history lesson, Duette was the first honeycomb shade, appearing on the window treatment scene back in the 80s. Whether you lived in Philadelphia, PA or Hundred Acre Wood, Duette unveiled before your eyes, all sleek and shapely. In the years since, Duette’s evolved to be as energy-efficient and as aesthetically pleasing as a shade can be—hence all our unbridled love for them.

Acclaim Behind the Shade

When you hear that Duette’s the recipient of the 2017 Red Dot Design Award, you probably think, “Great?” We thought so too, until we read that it’s only awarded to the best designers and innovators in the shading industry. The latest generation of Duette shades are focused on hardware, sophistication, personalization, and performance. We aren’t ones to normally vocalize all those words in one breath, but in this case, we’d say it’s warranted. As high tech as they are stylish, IllumiCell™ diffuse natural light, bringing you illumination and efficiency.

Organically Layered

Now, much as we yield to the sciences, we pride ourselves on our obsession with the visual arts. As part of the reengineering of the Duette, Hunter Douglas (the manufacturer of these lovely honeycomb shades) expanded their selection of fabrics and colors, inspired by none other than Mother Nature. By balancing the rustic and the modern, coupled with the sheer and the opaque, they’ve made Momma proud.

Warmth in the Winter

You didn’t think we’d forget about your insulation, did you? As Bucks County, PA and all the nearby counties could tell you, a shutter’s more than a hanging accessory—it’s a means of keeping in the warm, and keeping out the cold. These Duette beauties do more than cover your windows; they trap in air, too. Once they’re up in your home, your windows will cease to release heat. Trust us: you, your utilities, your family, and loved ones will be cheerier for it.

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