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4 Key Reasons Why Skylight Shades are a Summer Must-Have

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Summer is upon us, which means homeowners across the Philadelphia region are enjoying the beautiful weather opening up their homes to the refreshing summer breeze. While many customers of the Blind Gallery are already well-prepared for the warm weather, not all local homes are equipped to stay cool in the upcoming months.

At the Blind Gallery, we offer a selection of skylight shades that are critical for the sun-soaked summer months.

In this article, we will explain four key benefits to skylight shades that make them a summer must-have for Philadelphia homeowners. You’ll learn how these shades can make your home more comfortable while saving you money in the process.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Added Home Comfort

Skylights are often placed in living areas of the home. These are places like family rooms, master bedrooms, and lounge areas. In the winter, the skylight brightens these areas and makes for a welcoming environment. In the summer, the sunlight can heat up these spaces to an uncomfortable degree.

A skylight shade can block this sunlight, creating a pleasant space to relax.

Lower Air Conditioning Costs

By blocking sunlight that can heat up the home, a skylight shade can save homeowners money on home cooling costs in the summer. One of the most significant contributors to increased cooling expenses in the summer is excess sunlight that warms the home. By installing new skylight shades, you can save yourself money on your monthly air conditioning bill.


With motorized, battery-operated options of skylight shades available at the Blind Gallery, homeowners can enjoy the added convenience of automatic shades this summer. Motorized shades are ideal for elderly homeowners and those with out-of-reach skylights.

Impress Guests & Complete Your Home Decor

Summer is the season for hosting events. Between barbecues, pool parties, graduations, and other get-togethers, you’ll probably see more guests in the summer than other seasons. With a new set of stylish skylight shades that match the decor of your home, your guests will be even more impressed with your home than ever before.

The Blind Gallery is well-known around Philadelphia, PA for its custom drapery and is a leading provider of window treatments in Bucks County, PA. Now with a selection of cost-saving and stylish skylight shades, we’re doing more to save homeowners money than ever before.

Check out our showroom today at 105 Waynewood Avenue in Wayne, PA to browse our inventory.

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