Why Plantation Shutters are Ideal for Summer

After a long winter stuck indoors, it’s nice to open the windows and enjoy the warm, fresh air throughout the summer.

While homeowners across the mid-Atlantic region are preparing to enjoy the beautiful weather, not all of them have the right type of shutters that will allow them to open the windows to the
warmer air without overheating the home.

In this article, we will explain why the Blind Gallery’s selection of plantation shutters in Wayne, PA is perfect for those looking to enjoy the summer weather. We will discuss the advantages of plantation shutters versus traditional colonial shutters, and how you can find the ideal interior design solutions for your home.

Let in the Fresh Air

Plantation shutters are ideal for enjoying the summer weather because they allow air to flow into the home better than ordinary colonial shutters. With larger than normal slats, plantation shutters are built to maximize airflow. Whereas many shutters have gaps of about an inch, plantation shutters can have spaces anywhere from 2.5” to 4.5” wide to let more air into the home.

Keep Out the Hot Sun

Homeowners with traditional shutters have to choose between letting in the cool breeze and keeping out the hot sun. With plantation shutters, you can do both. Because plantation shutters are built to block the sun without limiting airflow, homes with these shutters can stay more comfortable in warmer temperatures than colonial shutter-fitted homes.

Find the Perfect Design for Your Home

By shopping at the Blind Gallery in Wayne, PA, homeowners can find fashionable and affordable plantation shutters near Mainline, PA. With custom solutions and expertise in interior design, the team at the Blind Gallery can help you find the perfect plantation shutters to match your home this summer. They can also help find matching blinds, shades, and even custom furniture options to complete your home decor.

If your home is in need of elegant new shutters, head over to the Blind Gallery today. Their experts will get to know you and your home’s needs before finding a custom solution for you. Don’t let the nice weather pass you by. Get your plantation shutters today so you can enjoy the upcoming season to the fullest.

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