Tis the Season for New Shutters

  Fa la la la la la block the sun! The holidays are approaching faster than you think, and so are your in-laws. If that doesn’t spark a joyful “hooray” followed by a deep sense of mourning faster than you can shout “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen,” we don’t know what will. In other words, the holidays are ready for you, but are you ready for them? Not quite? Well, maybe it’s time to spruce up that living room with some new window treatments there, Rudolph. But there’s no need to get all red-nosed about it, because we’re here to help! Let’s highlight two fall and wintertime favorites we have to offer here at the Blind Gallery, so your home will be ready for all your guests. Motorized Shades Main Pro: Grandma has a bad back to begin with, and once she’s all hopped up on eggnog, that just creates a recipe for disaster. Let her control the windows without having to get up with our motorized shades. Motorized shades are great because they combine comfort with ease of use. The best product available on the market is Hunter Douglas’s PowerView™ series, which offers users with the most cutting edge technology out there. Best of all, they can be operated via an app from your phone or tablet. Don’t have an iPad, though? Looks like you know what to ask Santa for this year! Other features of the PowerView™ include:
  • Sleek Pebble™ controller
  • The ability to save presets
  • Can group windows to control multiples with one click
  • Advanced display
  • Choose scene presets to let the perfect amount of light in
Honeycomb Pleated Shades Main Pro: Once your nosy sister-in-law gets a load of your gorgeous Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Duette®  shades, the only thing left she’ll have to scoff over is your antique China set. Honeycomb shades are sleek as it is, and with a quality brand like Hunter Douglas crafting them, you can be certain their Duette® line is as top-notch as it comes. Furthermore, while they’re light and smooth, they are also insular by nature, meaning they’ll help keep your home warm in times of cold weather. Hunter Douglas Duette® shades are moderately priced, and can accommodate 12” to 174” wide, and 6” to 192” tall windows. If you think those are the only two things we have to offer that can help you make the best of your holiday festivities this year, you can go ahead and add yourself right onto the list. Just kidding. Swing by The Blind Gallery today, and we’ll help you out with your window treatments. See you soon!

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