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Product Spotlight: Hunter Douglas Shutters

For anyone with a stake in interior design, Hunter Douglas is a household nameSince 1919, the Dutch company has manufactured best-in-class blinds, coverings, shades, shadings and shutters, among other items. Hunter Douglas has opened the blinds to show the world what shutters are capable of, and by maintaining timelessness, its aesthetic has managed to remain tasteful and relevant for years and years.

Here at The Blind Gallery, we deal exclusively with Hunter Douglas when it comes to shutters because their unparalleled quality is the only necessary brand for any home. The three styles from which to choose act as starting points, and from there, homeowners have a plethora of customization options.

Let’s go over Hunter Douglas’ shutters, so you can be a bit more prepared before you come to the gallery to take a peek in person:


Hunter Douglas Shutters

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Details: Many shutters use faux wood. Heritance handcrafted shutters stand out because they’re the real deal. Furthermore, they feature dovetailed joints to optimize durability. The Heritance collection is virtually limitless in terms of color and finish options, and the simple style accompanies any interior’s aesthetic brilliantly. Heritance shutters are available in six techniques (see options below), each of which evoke a unique style.

If warm and charming suits your taste, Heritance shutters will be your best option.


Width: 12” – 312”

Height: 12” – 116”

Price: Moderate

Technique Options: Glazed, glazed and burnished, classic distressed, heirloom distressed, rustic and textured.

Strengths: Real wood; dovetailed joints; limitless color options; specialty shapes available; artisan/handcrafted; high luster finish; 99 percent UV ray protected.


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Details: According to Hunter Douglas, NewStyle shutters are built in a “plantation style.” Durability is optimized through a method combining real wood with advanced materials to create a long-lasting, beautiful shutter. Best of all, the woodgrain finish puts a classic twist on modern manufacturing, combining the best of both worlds when it comes to taste and strength.


Width: 12” – 288”

Height: 12” – 116”

Price: Value-moderate

Strengths: Combination of real wood and durable manmade material; dovetailed joints; Finetech® finish for easy cleaning; 99% UV protection; lifetime guarantee.

 Palm Beach

Details: the words “palm beach” elicit relaxing summer afternoons on the shoreline, and subsequently, that comes along with a hot and beating sun. In other words, Palm Beach shutters are optimal for homes that need to beat the heat. Polysatin is the name of the game for this series, and thus, they will never fade, chip or warp. Whether the heat is dry as bones or humid, your Palm Beach shutters will beat the sun for years to come.

If you need something as durable as possible to stand out beautifully, even in the face of mother nature, Palm Beach is your best bet.


Width: 10” – 284”

Height: 12” – 120”

Price: Moderate

Strengths: Polysatin material prevents light and heat damage; DuraLux™ finish keeps them resistant to scratches, dents and dings; moisture resistant; aluminum bracing for strength; lifetime warranty.

An important thing to keep in mind about shutters is that they are like any other quality piece of furniture. Once you install a solid set, they’ll last for life. You don’t replace your dining room table, hutch or couch every two years, because they’re designed to last virtually forever. The same ideology applies to your shutters.

So what are you waiting for? Come on by The Blind Gallery today and pick out your perfect Hunter Douglas shutters!

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