The Do’s and Don’ts of Designer-Quality Window Treatments

The drapery sets the tone for the room. The right set of curtains can add color, warmth, and comfort while the wrong set can shrink the room and be an eyesore in an otherwise pleasant room.

When selecting the curtains for any room, there are a few simple do’s and don’ts that go a long way in creating a welcoming, beautiful environment. In this post, we’ll share the most important interior design tips when it comes to window treatments so that you can pick the ones that will truly enhance your home.

Do: Hang your curtains high and wide.

Hanging the curtain rods 12 or more inches above the frame of the window, or even all the way up at the ceiling, can extend the room and can create a more spacious feel.

Don’t: Hang them just above the window.

A common interior design faux pas is hanging the curtains right above the window. This stunts the window and makes the room feel smaller and crowded. On a similar note, when open, the curtains should cover no more than two inches on either side.

Do: Layer your window treatments.

Combining two window treatments is very common and encouraged. For instance, wood blinds with plantation shutters are popular in Bucks County, PA, homes. Curtains, shades, and shutters can all complement each other when done correctly.

Don’t: Get carried away with window treatments.

While combinations are great, it is a good rule to err on the side of simplicity. Too many window treatments can not only look cluttered, but they block more light as well, darkening rooms and dampening the ambiance.

Do: Hang your curtains to the floor.

Always measure your wall before buying your curtains. A common mistake is measuring the window frame and not the wall height. By hanging curtains all the way down until they “kiss the floor” or hang ever so slightly above, it creates a beautiful, tailored look that ties the room together.

Don’t: Hang them only to the bottom of the window.

Hanging to the bottom of the window creates a half-curtain look that you might expect in a college dorm room. Taking the curtains to the floor, on the other hand, adds height to the room and blocks more light when closed.

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