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Product Spotlight: Roman Style Shades

roman style shades

The Blind Gallery with a new set of plantation shutters for their Berwyn, PA summer cottage—much to the chagrin of the family sow, who was embarrassed by the style they chose, and offended that she wasn’t consulted in the decision-making process.


Was Rome built in a day? No, of course not. But that’s beside the point. The real question is: Are we capable of installing your brand new Roman shades in a day? You can bet your drawstrings we are!


Roman shades—while a classic traditional type of window covering—are seeing a resurgence in popularity, and for good reason. By combining the functionality of traditional blinds and shades with the beauty of curtain upholstery fabric, they beautifully capture the best of both worlds.


Here’s the rundown:


What Are They?

So, what makes a Roman shade a Roman shade, you ask? Well, that’s an excellent question! A true Roman shade features a fabric façade, yet it folds up evenly as you lift its drawstrings. Here’s an example:


Talk about charming and elegant!


Are There Style Choices?

Yes! Here at The Blind Gallery, we carry our favorite window covering manufacturer’s 4 types of Roman shades. Each style acts as a great baseline, and from there you can customize, customize customize to your heart’s desire.


Here’s more about the Hunter Douglas Roman shades that we can install for you:



Dubbed the “modern Roman shade,” this gorgeous, minimal product is arguably Hunter Douglas’ most popular. Part of the allure is attributed to their lack of exposed cords—creating an effortless look, while also eliminating child safety concerns.


If your taste is refined and modern, the Vignette® Roman shade should suit your desires exceptionally.


The Allustra® Collection of Vignette®

The sibling of the classic Vignette®, the Allustra® collection caters to the modern homeowner who wants just a tinge more pomp and flair when it comes to his or her Roman shades. Don’t get the wrong idea though, they’re still relatively refined, sleek and sophisticated.


Design Studio™

Customization is the name of the game with Design Studio™ Roman Shades. Whether you want silk, cotton or linen, these sumptuous shades are abounding in fabric options. Not to mention, from there you’ll be able to choose from a variety of trims, tapes and valances.



Unlike other soft shades, the Solara® collection products include cellulite, which allows for light filtering and darkening options. These vertically oriented shades come in an array of widths and heights, with the potential for shape customization. Best of all, they filter out the outside noise, so city-dwellers in high-traffic apartments are flocking to them. Give yourself true privacy with this stunning product.


More Info

All of these shades come in a variety of color options and sizes. For the most part, they can be oriented vertically or horizontally, and most of them have a specialty shape option. Whichever way it makes sense to present your Hunter Douglas shades, we’ll work with you to achieve your vision.


Did you know we also do window treatments in Berwyn, PA and surrounding towns? Get in touch to learn more!

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