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How to Keep Your Home Warm with Duette Architella Shade

How to Keep Your Home Warm with Duette Architella Shade

The winter months are long and cold, but there are many ways to keep your home warm. One option is Duette Architella shades. These window treatments provide insulation while simultaneously blocking the sun’s heat from entering your home during the day. This can help you save a lot of money on heating costs per year. This blog post will help you know more about how to keep your home warm with Duette Architella Shade.

The sun can be the added heat or unwanted heat for when it comes to energy costs. With Duette Architella shades from our blind company in Main Line, you can completely block out the sun’s rays without blocking too much light, which gives both insulating and solar heat control benefits. You can insulate your home without compromising natural light.

Block Outdoor Heat or Cold

Leaving your windows bare during the winter months means that you’ll lose heat through them quickly. During the summer, it’s exactly the opposite since you need as much natural light and cool air as possible. That’s where the Duette Architella shades can help. Their technology provides a protective shield against sun damage to drapery, floors, and furniture by deflecting up to 97.5% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This means that you can save money on energy costs while still enjoying natural light without worrying about air coming in or escaping.

Automated Open and Close Schedules

You can find these automated systems from our automated blinds in Main Line to open and close your shades at specific times of the day. When you’re away, you can use the “Good Morning” feature, which slowly raises your shades for 30 minutes by just turning on a switch or pressing a button. This will allow plenty of light into your home without having to wait 20-30 minutes for your shades to open fully. You can also use the “Good Night” feature to close your shades at a specific time each day, saving electricity and reducing heat loss. This is especially helpful if you’re gone during the day but return home after dark, so you don’t have to worry about coming home to a cold house.


Duette Architella shades are the perfect window treatment for any home. They can block out heat just as well as they block out sunlight. This means that you’ll save money on heating costs during the winter months and keep your property cooler during the summer. You can also use automated features to control how much or how little light enters your home and save money on energy usage. With all these benefits, Duette Architella shades are the best choice for keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the year.

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