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How do Blinds Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer?

How do Blinds Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

If you are considering new window treatments in Philadelphia, the Blind Gallery is happy to help. We have a wide selection of the different kinds, styles, patterns, colors, sizes, and uses of window blinds. 

The composition of blinds

Window blinds are decorative and durable window coverings of various materials that screen the area inside or outside the window’s frame. They usually consist of long horizontal slats that are made of wood, faux wood that looks like real wood, metal, plastic, aluminum, fabric, or PVC that are kept together by special cords that go through the slats. Vertical blinds move from side to side along a track system that tilts open and closed.

Blinds are controlled by a manual or remote control system that rotates them from open to closed. Window blinds can be drawn manually with a cord or be automated through different kinds of motorization through a keypad or wall switch, computer, or another remote control device.

As experts of interior design in Delaware Valley, we have the know-how to fit your particular window treatment needs. 

Their purpose

Besides decoration, blinds are there to give privacy and to block out light in varying stages and especially heat, keeping the warmth inside during the cold winter months, and help to keep a home cool in the summer months. How do they do that?

If you are looking for top-quality blinds and personalized service, check out our great selection. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

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