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Creative Ways to Use Window Treatments in a Large Room

curtains in bedroom

When you want to add color and design elements to a big room, you should use window treatments to make the house look more exciting. Use the steps below to fill up much of a large room. Plus, you should consider how different types of window treatments in Avalon, NJ can work in different spots. You are doing more than hanging big drapes around the house.

How Tall Are the Windows?

A big room might have very tall windows or standard windows. When you have a tall window, you should allow the drapes to hang to the floor. You want the drapes to make the windows look ornate. However, standard windows should have traditional drapes that fit the frame of the window.

Are You Using Patterns or Block Colors?

Patterns and block colors serve different purposes in your home. You could add patterns to the room because you want it to look whimsical. You can use block colors to make those colors stand out in an otherwise bland room. You do not need to paint the walls when you can use drapes for coloring.

Should You Use Cafe Curtains in Certain Areas?

When you are in a large bathroom or kitchen, cafe curtains are a good treatment. These curtains stay out of the way, and they make the room feel bigger. You should use these tiny curtains in a guest room when you do not have people over very much. You might want to use cafe curtains in a guest bathroom, or you could put cafe curtains on high windows in large rooms.

Do You Need to Add Anything to Your Curtains?

When you have big curtains in your living room or bedroom, you should have the tie at the edge of the window that allows you to pull the curtains back. When you pull the curtains open, they make a lovely shape when they are tied. This is a good way to add different shapes to your room, and you will get different colors in the curtains because of the shadows that appear on the curtains.

The best thing for your home is to consider curtains for every large room. You need to make a choice based on the patterns, colors, and styles you want in the house. You can get a nice set of curtains that will stand out in every room. You can get ties to hold the curtains back, and you could put cafe curtains on high windows that are out of sight. Using a diverse collection of curtains makes your home look sophisticated.

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