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Bring the Spring Spirit into Your Household with Shades and Shutters

standard honeycomb shades

If there’s one household ritual we look forward to all year, it’s spring cleaning. A cathartic and inspiring way to dust off winter and embrace the warmer months ahead, spring cleaning gives us a chance to look at our living spaces and ask ourselves, “Do we really like what we see?”

Should that answer be a resounding, “Hmm,” then there’s a good chance that your household kitchen or living room could do with a window treatment. At the Blind Gallery, you can find just what you need to rejuvenate your household for spring by touring our Mainline, PA showroom, plantation shutters, and Duette shades.

Ushering in the New Style

When we think window treatments for spring, we can’t resist thoughts of Hunter Douglas and their exceptional selection of New Style plantation shutters. Blended with real wood, and some of the most advanced, modern-day materials on the market, these shutters simply shine when framed in front of windows.

Just as beautiful as they are durable, New Style marries the strength and the sleekness of the hardiest materials, complemented by a tasteful finish. Available bi-folded, bypassed, front tilted, and hinged, these works of art be adapted to fit inside any space that needs them. As far as all the shapes and sizes go, they come in circles, ovals, arches, and hexagons, as well as bay and corner cutouts.

Honeycombed for Spring

As you’re envisioning the atmosphere and the lighting of your customized New Style shutters, it wouldn’t hurt to delve into Duette. Designed for energy efficiency, and elegance, Hunter Douglas Duette shades keep you cool during summer, and warm during winter. The honeycomb shape of Duette shades allows them to trap air before it exits your home and disrupts your homeostasis.

Some of our all-time favorites, the Duette Shades at our Mainline, PA showroom can pair with all types of fabric, from Architella India Silk to Architella Batiste Bamboo. Of the highest quality and craftsmanship, all made here in the U.S., these shades will charm anyone who views them, from inside or outside of your home.

With so many options, and so much aesthetic potential, do yourself a favor and pay us a visit at the Blind Gallery. Infusing you with the spirit of spring, we’ll ensure you leave with the treatment you and your windows want most.

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